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About chris

Chris Balkema has been steadfastly committed to serving his community—a passion that has been evident throughout his 30-year career at Caterpillar and his 13 years on the Grundy County Board (the last 6 years as Chairman). This unique blend of American business and local government experience equips him with leadership skills that he will bring as the State Senator for the 53rd District. Chris holds a very optimistic outlook for Illinois.  He will use his experience to deliver results for the residents of the 53rd District.

Illegal Immigration

Chris Balkema Takes a Stand Against the Relocation of Illegal Immigrants to Grundy County

Chris Balkema, the Grundy County Board Chairman and a candidate for the Illinois State Senate, has been at the forefront of a significant movement against the relocation of illegal immigrants to Grundy County. Under his leadership, the county has taken decisive action, advancing a resolution to declare itself a non-sanctuary county. This bold step reflects a commitment to address the complex issues surrounding immigration and the welfare of both the local community and the immigrants.

This stance is a response to the growing number of non-citizen migrant arrivals in the region, with Chicago having received nearly 30,000 migrants since August 2022.

Balkema has raised serious concerns about the potential dangers of human trafficking, especially with migrants being dropped off at rural locations such as truck stops. “A bad person can show up and say, ‘Hey, these five people… come with me and I’ll take you.’ And you take them, and then you never hear from them again,” he explained, highlighting the risks involved.

Grundy County is not only reinforcing the non-sanctuary status but also developing an emergency plan. The county is firm in its decision not to accept state grant money for addressing migrant issues and maintains a non-welcoming stance toward unplanned migrant arrivals.

“What happens if a bus drops off 50 people at a bus stop or at a truck stop at 3 a.m., and the bus driver takes off, and we’ve got 50 people standing in blankets,” Balkema questioned, illustrating the practical difficulties such situations present.

In response, the county board passed a resolution to manage unplanned bus arrivals in the county. This resolution allows law enforcement to prevent migrants from being left in the county. If migrants are dropped off, the plan is to transport them to the nearest train station.

“I can’t believe we are having this conversation. People are just walking across the border and there are risks for both the illegal immigrants and our citizens. You look at things like sex trafficking, and you have men, women, and children who could get dumped off anywhere and be placed in danger.”

He strongly believes that proactive measures are essential to prevent Grundy County from being put at risk. Balkema criticizes the federal government and the governor for their approach, stating, “Unfortunately, we have a federal government and a governor that says ‘it’s OK, let’s find a way to welcome them.’ The best way we can help those in need is to prevent people from being put in harm’s way.”

Through these actions and statements, Chris Balkema has positioned himself and Grundy County in a challenging but clear stance on the immigration issue, emphasizing safety, legality, and the practical limitations of the county in handling such situations.

Chris Will Fight For us


Chris is pro-life and will work hard to protect the unborn as well as life at all stages.

2nd Amendment

Chris is a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment and believes that the cumbersome FOID card system must be reformed.

Property Tax

Property tax reform is absolutely critical – Chris will advocate for new funding mechanisms to relieve the crushing financial burdens that Illinois residents are currently under.


Illinois has the resources to be an energy exporter – Chris will champion for energy sources that deliver results – not just wind and solar.

A Record of Success

Reduced Property Taxes

Chris led the charge to reduce property taxes in Grundy County four years in a row.

Protecting Freedom

Passed a county resolution opposing any efforts by Springfield to infringe upon Grundy County citizen's 2nd Amendment Rights.

Efficient Government

Drove financial efficiency improvements that allowed the County to continually have balance budgets.


Ensured every office in Grundy County was focused on being fully transparent and accessible to the taxpayers.


Experienced, Honest & Successful

Chris’ allegiance to conservative principles and the Republican Party runs deep. Throughout his political journey, Balkema has consistently championed policies that reflect true conservative values, and his dedication to these ideals has only grown stronger with time. Those who have had the privilege of working alongside him have witnessed his unwavering commitment to ensuring the prosperity, safety, and freedoms of his constituents.


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